Motherboard Soldered BIOS Repair

We are willing to attempt BIOS repairs to motherboards/mainboard’s that have a soldered BIOS Chip. You will need to read our terms and conditions at the foot of this page before making use of the soldered BIOS repair service.

The fact that you send your motherboard to us for a repair attempt is deemed to be your acceptance of these conditions.

If you need to restore a BIOS chip or EEPROM which is soldered directly to the motherboard surface and have exhausted all recovery options, we may be able to help.

The service is offered primarily for PC motherboards and Laptops. Send your PC Mainboard or laptop to us and we will attempt a repair.


Once we have received your mainboard we try recovery options first. If the Board uses a SOIC BIOS Chip we would then attempt to program the chip in place on the mainboard.

If the ISP programming attempt fails, we would use hot air to remove the BIOS Chip. The EEPROM is then reprogrammed using a programmer and then re soldered to the mainboard.

If the repair attempt is successful any outstanding payment can be made and item will be shipped back to you.

DIY PLCC Soldered BIOS Repair

This proceedure is only really practicle for removing PLCC BIOS Chips, Use at your own risk.

All recovery options should have been exhausted before trying this option. If you are handy with a soldering iron and have some patience, then it is quite a simple matter to remove a PLCC BIOS chip and replace it with a new part without having to use any expensive tools.

Attempting this should be a last resort , all recovery options should have been tried before attempting this. I have created a page to help any would be handy person to remove and replace a soldered PLCC BIOS chip

It doesn’t matter if the motherboard is a laptop or a desktop board the method can be applied to both types. Please see DIY Soldered BIOS Repair for details.


Laptop soldered BIOS Repair service. Always back up your BIOS First before applying any new BIOS update to your laptop.

Please read our terms and conditions at the bottom of this page before using the soldered BIOS repair service.

Not all manufacturers supply complete BIOS codes suitable for BIOS recovery. If we have any difficulty finding a working BIOS code for your board then this fact should be considered when purchasing your next mainboard.

Terms-Conditions Soldered BIOS Service

If you are sending Items to us FROM OUTSIDE THE EEC/EU please mark your item clearly on the front of the package as follows( I.P.R.) FOR REPAIR To be returned otherwise your parcel will pick up a VAT bill on entry to the EEC. You may be able to make a suitable declaration whilst shipping your item, ask at your post office.

It is best in fact where possible to place a low or no insurance value on items being posted here from outside the UK for repair, as in reality the board or laptop may not even be serviceable. Customs use your insurance value and shipping cost to Calculate any VAT they may wish to charge on entry to the UK

Due to the delicate nature of the work we do not accept any liability for the outcome of any repair attempt. The board or Laptop would normally come to us dead and un bootable in the first instance.

If your board or Laptop is still under warranty then please consider getting it repaired through the proper channels first.

We can only do our best here to help with these problems. Repair attempts can be hindered by many different factors.

Before using the service you must be sure that the Board or laptop in question is in fact the victim of a failed flash update.

There is a standard charge of £24.99 payable when you send the laptop in to us.

Please be sure to package your item very well a good sturdy box is far preferable to a jiffy bag. We are not responsible for items damaged in transit or any badly packaged items.

The Board laptop you send to us should be a complete base unit with power supply. We need to test the machine after the repair. Items such as hard disk drives CD Roms and screens may be removed to save weight and shipping costs.

Sending the whole Laptop base helps avoid Static damage caused during the dismantling process. Wearing a wooly or acrylic pullover or working on carpets can seriously damage your laptop mainboard.

The cost of each service is as follows £24.99 for desktop PC boards, £29.99 for server board’s and £49.99 for laptops, plus your choice of return postage.

There is a standard fee that needs to be paid before using the soldered BIOS repair service of 50% of the service cost. This covers our expenses here and is non returnable regardless of the outcome of any repair attempt.

If we manage to repair your laptop or desktop then the remaining 50% fee can be paid along with the return shipping. If we fail in our attempt then there is no further charge other than return postage.

If you do not agree with these conditions then please do not make use of the service.